Here Are Proven Secrets to Mastering Your Mind To Propel You Forward Faster

Toward WHATEVER You Want

  • Are you accomplishing everything you'd like?
  • Are you getting noticed for the achievements and value that you add?
  • Are you ending each day feeling fulfilled?

Discover all that this online course has to offer...

10 Leadership PDUs

If you are PMI certified, you will earn 10 PDUs for completing this course.

Are you SICK & TIRED of feeling
frustrated and overwhelmed?


Do you wish you could lead with more


Are you FRUSTRATED with your performance
or the performance of those you lead?


Do you sometimes DOUBT your abilities and
fail to reach the results you desire?


It's already within you.

You can learn to use their BEST THINKING to improve your mindset and lead yourself better. You can get out of your own way when you follow the carefully engineered system which you'll discover inside.

Want To Know What All Great Leaders Know? Great Leadership isn't about skillset... It's About Mindset...

Studies show that 85% of your job success comes from "soft skills".

Soft skills involve MINDSET not skillset.

You must improve your THINKING to improve your leadership.

"Traci, you have worked a miracle! I’ve gone from an overly aggressive, scared, and fairly shy person, to a compassionate, caring, and empathic listener, now capable to speak to any size of audience. As my “Be” coach, you’ve done an incredible feat to help me get through my challenges, so now I am very capable of truly connecting with people during my sales cycle and during coaching sessions, leading me to have an excellent business in less than one year! ... I’m very proud to consider you to be one of the major reasons I’ve had an incredible jump start in my ActionCOACH business. Thank you so much Traci, you ROCK!!"

Doug Winnie, PMP
Award Winning ActionCoach

"The Mindworx program is awesome! It's a whole lot of science boiled down to practical application. The six foundational keys provide building blocks to help you understand the world around you, how to better understand yourself, and how to use this knowledge to your advantage.The program is exceptionally well structured and Traci's delivery is second to none. Her passion for value science, and helping others, shines through.I've been feeling stuck for a long time. The Mindworx program has given me the confidence and tools to understand who I am, and where I want to be. If you want to be truly inspired, and become the best you can be, this is the program for you. It is definitely life changing. Thanks Traci!!!"

Mark Dettl
The Phoenix Vision

New Skills DO NOT lead to Improved Performance or Results

What? That can't be true!

Think about it... how often have you wanted certain results or outcomes in your life, so you took a class, bought an online course, attended a conference or seminar... you heard or great ideas and learned new concepts maybe even developed a new skill or talent... BUT, you didn't implement those ideas?

I wanted to create a new website so I learned HTML. Then, I found the Joomla tool and had to learn it so I could make it a better website. Then someone told me about WordPress so I had to learn that tool and then I had to study the plug-ins so I could create an even better website. It went on and on and I never released my website.

Something was missing!

Why? Because skills and knowledge DO NOT LEAD to results! In this course, you'll learn about the missing link that is so often overlooked because many people believe that it can't be measured. What is it?? Cognition or thinking is the ignition to performance not simply the skills and talents alone.

Positive Self-talk DOES NOT lead to MORE POWER & CONFIDENCE

You've probably heard success gurus rave about the use of positive affirmations or "I am" statements. They encourage you to create and speak these "I am" statements every morning and that your mind will then magically manifest those things in your life. They will even give you some information about the brain's reticular activating system (RAS) and how those statements trigger your subconscious.

Listen, I'm NOT knocking positive affirmations but a study published in 2009 from Joanne Wood of University of Waterloo shows that these statements provide POWER to some and PERIL to others.

In this course, you'll learn a better, faster, more scientifically sound approach to growing your confidence, courage, and influence that will work for you because it's based on how you, specifically, think... not a one-size fits all approach.

Knowledge DOES NOT EQUAL Power

If you are simply taking this course to gain more knowledge and learn something new, please DON'T DO IT. It won't be the best investment of your time and money.

You must want to USE the knowledge in this program to take action! That's when the knowledge turns into power... when you add action to it.

The program is an interactional process, a story, in which the main character is YOU! You cannot passively attend the sessions and expect to benefit from what you learn.

Change requires action!

To get the most from this program, you MUST personalize it and make it your own by APPLYING the knowledge and skills to your life.

You've got to read about the benefits of the Mindworx program.
This learning experience is right for you if:

  • You want to be more CONFIDENT about your decisions (so you can take action).
  • You want to keep your PROMISES to yourself and others (and grow your integrity with yourself).
  • You want to lead more BOLDLY and COURAGEOUSLY (to make a difference in your world).
  • You want to consistently ACCOMPLISH more (and feel less stress in the process.)
  • You want others to RECOGNIZE your talents, strengths, and accomplishments.
  • You want those you lead to WANT TO FOLLOW you (without all the goading and prodding).
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Let's Face the Facts...

You know that you need to lead better, be more efficient in your work (and personal) life. You probably know that you can change.You've even done it in the past. You know that if you could just follow through on your good intentions, your whole life would be better. But there's a problem.

The problem is that it is hard to take action. There are so many distractions... other people gnawing away at your time.

You know that there's GOT to be an answer out there somewhere, but who has time to look for it?

You may have even tried other programs that your friends and co-workers have said worked for them, but you didn't "get it." There has to be something wrong with these programs or worse... something wrong with you!

Here's the GOOD NEWS!

There is nothing wrong with you!! You don't need to be fixed. You already possess the tools to get you where you want to go... you just need to learn how to use them!

Today, the most powerful, persuasive, and positive people are the ones who:

  • Use their STRENGTHS everyday
  • To create VALUE in the world, and
  • BECOME the person that they want to BE in the world.

You CAN do, have, and be all of these, if you're willing to do a little work and make a tiny investment in YOU!

Here Are The Proven Steps That Will
Jump-Start Your Journey

  • Mindfulness: your ability to be at choice
  • Mindset: your willingness to make a choice
  • Value Dynamics: the framework to make the best choice
  • Valuing Habits: your predispositions and perspectives that influence your choice
  • Purpose: the key to making a good choice that creates value
  • Power: using your new tools to take action on your choice
  • Plan: continuing the habit to create the life you want

Here's What You'll Get in Each of Your Mindworx Modules

Click each tab to expand the module outline...


Module #1:

:: 5 Neuro-Myths & how they impede your progress

:: 3 Ways to INSTANTLY QUIET your mind so you can ACCESS YOUR BEST THINKING

:: The powerful TEAR Model

Learn to stay focused on the things that matter most!

Gain an extra hour EVERY WEEK by recapturing those lost moments where your brain is wandering.


Module #2:

:: 11 Characteristics of a FIXED mindset

:: 8 Behaviors of a FIXED mindset

:: 12 Characteristics of a GROWTH mindset

:: 9 Behaviors of a GROWTH mindset

:: 7 Dispositions of the Best Thinkers

Make real progress toward your dreams and goals by shifting your mindset!



Module #3:

:: 3 Dimensions of Value

:: Relate these to real-life:
:: Truth
:: Knowledge
:: Language
:: Leadership

:: Framework for making better decisions

Learn to increase your chances of success by making decisions that will generate and create the greatest value!

Save yourself hours of deliberation using axiology’s natural laws of value.


Module #4:

:: Complete an online assessment to measure YOUR thinking habits!

:: 3 R’s of Habit Formation

:: 3 Steps to Raising Your Level of Thinking

Easily create new habits using your strengths!

Save yourself months, or even YEARS, of self-deprivation and self-deprecation.



Module #5:

:: The 5 Step-cycle that keeps you stuck

:: The difference between Emotions & Emotional Sensations

:: 6 Defining Attributes to define your purpose

Focus on “Becoming”

Increase your energy and motivation!

Accomplish your goals faster using the desires of your heart.


Module #6:

:: 5 Ways you Give your Power Away

:: 4 Steps to Take it Back

:: 4 G’s to Growth

Learn how to take back your power!


Module #7:

We all have routines. Have you taken a close look at yours? Are they producing the thoughts and emotions that you want to take the actions that will get you your results?

:: Craft your plan to continue using everything you’ve learned in the program throughout your life!

:: Discover the power of rituals and routines to get you where you want to go.

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10 Leadership PDUs

If you are PMI certified, you will earn 10 PDUs for completing this course.

"As a project manager, I always looked for the most cost-effective and painless way to earn PDUs... I've done on-line courses, attended seminars, read books, networked with other professionals--all the standard rituals. When Traci presented the neuro-axiology to our chapter meeting attendees, I was challenged to consider that greater project management knowledge and experience was "not enough" for me to reach the level of success to which I aspire. I was tired of the PDU standard venues and decided to try something new. All I can say is "WOW!" That person on the team who drove me over the edge - Traci's coaching gave me the tools to solve. The beating my head against the wall because nobody would give the project the same priority - Traci's coaching gave me the tools to solve. Those roadblocks that occur again and again in my projects - Traci's coaching gave me the tools to solve. I had an ah-ha! every session... it was the best investment I have made in obtaining PMP PDUs."

Teresa Burgess, PMP
Oklahoma City, OK

Here's what you'll receive...

  • 7 Career-Changing / Life-Changing Modules
  • Workbooks & Worksheets for each module
  • 3 Q&A Sessions
  • 10 Leadership PDUs for PMI credential holders


You should schedule 1-hour per week - preferably the same day and time every week - to watch the module's video and complete the your workbook. The course will take 10 weeks to complete if you watch one module per week.

During the week, you'll want to have your workbook handy so that you can stay current on the homework and implement what you are learning in your life.

YES! A PDF of the presentation slides will be available for each module (along with a workbook). The audio recording will be available for download in case you are traveling and would like to work on the plane, train or bus.

ABSOLUTELY!  You have nothing to lose with this program. If you are doing the work in the program (watching the videos, downloading the materials, and completing the homework forms), any time within 60 days, you can ask for a refund. We can't process a refund for you if you buy the course and then choose to do nothing with it.

YES!! As a PMI Registered Education provider, I am able to issue PDUs for the courses that fit the Project Management Institute's criteria. Completion of the Mindworx course will earn you 10 (ten) PDUs in the Leadership category.

You will be emailed the instructions for claiming your PDUs after you complete the Course Evaluation form which will be emailed to you after completion.

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"Wow... Module #6 really took this to another level! I believe you have given me the tools to now make a real difference in my life. I have an understanding of my strengths and have taken different surveys and things that confirm these, but I think I was blind to some of the obstacles that have undermined my growth at times. This course really called them out clearly and provided the tools to overcome and take my power back. I really appreciate your section on greatness as well. This is very inspiring and motivating. I look forward to the days ahead as I begin to live more in charge of my life and my future. Thank you!!"

Annette Steiger, MS, PMP
Boise, ID

"I was overwhelmingly surprised at the kinds of teachings and progress I have made because of Traci's coaching and methods. Those methods are not only rich in science and development, but practical in application and impact. Based on neuroscience and axiology, these teachings go deep into the intrinsic realms of a person, which result in long-lasting growth and actualization. This is no magic pill. Real work and true honesty with one's behavior and actions come to bare, and with Traci's help and guidance, those breakthroughs become evident over time. I am forever changed and thanks to Traci, I feel confident and empowered to create the limitless possibilities that I have before me. If you want to have the success and breakthroughs that transcend all aspects of your life, then I would recommend Traci, who makes a profound difference that is beyond compare!"

Danny Nguyen, PMP
Houston, TX
:: It’s taken me over 226 hours of research & preparation, writing, editing, & producing to create these 7 modules and materials.
:: If you wanted to hire me to create this course, I’d charge you at least $12,000.
:: The regular price for this 7-module / 10 hour course is $1997.


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