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Increase Your  Confidence, Resilience, & Power

in the next 3 months

so you can take massive action toward the desires of your heart & end each day feeling fulfilled and accomplished.

If you’re a project manager, business owner, or leader looking to become more effective while finding fulfillment in what you do, then you already know that you need to get out of your own way and consistently bring your A-game.

  • You have worked hard to grow your skills and talents over your career.
  • You've stretched yourself with each new role.
  • You are tired of playing small and know that you can still achieve more if only...

By the end of this program,

you will have…


  • Become Less Reactionary and More Purposeful

    so you can show up as the leader that you know you are inside.
  • Increased Your Emotional Agility & Resiliency

    You will learn to no longer be annoyed by the little things and will be focused on creating the greatest value with your team.
  • More Confidence & Courage

    especially in uncomfortable or contentious situations.
  • Experienced Your Brilliance through Your Cognitive Assets

    and will know exactly how to access your best thinking in a moment's notice.
  • Established More Faith & Trust in Yourself & Others

    because you will know exactly how to generate the greatest value and use emotion as a tool to find more fulfillment in all that you do.

"This course taught me more about myself than anything I've ever done previously.  The content is incredible, and Traci is engaging and passionate about the subject matter and really challenged me to apply what was being taught...

“If you're interested in investing in yourself and your future, you owe it to yourself to take this course! 

Mindworx teaches you how your mind works and how to reshape your thinking to be more effective in all areas of your life!"


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What’s Inside Mindworx 


Module 1


Module Description: We will find your wants and help you develop a solid relationship with your future self so you can keep your promises to yourself more consistently.

Module Highlights:

This module will lay a solid foundation for the work that comes next.

  • Intention - You will drastically increase your outcomes when you are intentional.
  • Prospection - We tend to think that our past is what causes us difficulty in the present. You'll learn that isn't the whole truth and how to apply the power of prospection.
  • Roadblocks - Every new adventure requires new skills in handling obstacles. You'll learn those in this module.
Module 2

Mastering Your Mindset

Module Description: Want to know how to instantly shift your mindset and find your greatest clarity? 

Module Highlights:

This module will teach you about...

  • Mindfulness - Yes, you can practice this. It's not as difficult as you might think.
  • Mindset - You'll learn how to recognize your mindset and shift into the one that leads to your best outcomes.
  • Roadblocks - We'll discuss how you can avoid the mental mishaps and emotions that cause you to procrastinate.
Module 3

Value Dynamics

Module Description: Learn how to create the greatest value using the principles and practices of value dynamics.

Module Highlights:

When you act in accordance to the laws of value dynamics, you will create and generate more value. Act outside of the laws and you will diminish and destroy value.

  • 3 Hierarchical Dimensions - understand how value works
  • The Central Question - learn how to employ a simple question to get an immediate shift
  • Self-Leadership - discover how to increase your self-leadership and inspire your team to do the same.
Module 4

Your Valuing Habits

Module Description: This module is filled with a-ha moments. Objectively measure your thinking and valuing habits.

Module Highlights:

Discover the brilliance that already exists within you AND how to access it.

  • Your B-Game - learn which ways of thinking don't produce the best results for you
  • Your A-Game - discover your hidden (or maybe not so hidden) cognitive assets
  • Centering Questions - learn  why these questions are so powerful and how to use them
Module 5

Creating Your Purpose

Module Description: Human beings don't find their purpose, they create it. In this module, you will learn how to create your purpose.

Module Highlights:

Access your wisdom and motivation to create a purpose that draws you forward to your future self.

  • 5-Step Cycle of Stuck - learn to identify the thoughts and circumstances that hold you back
  • Your Values - discover your motivators and how to bring more energy to your activities
  • Create Your Purpose - learn how to create a 'being' purpose that supports your doing purpose so you can find fulfillment in every day
Module 6

Reclaiming Your Power

Module Description: Throughout our lives we often inadvertently give away our personal power to have agency over our life. You'll learn how to take this back in this module.

Module Highlights:

Use your purpose and your cognitive assets to take back your power. You, and only you, are in charge of your happiness and fulfillment.

  • How & Why We Give our Power Away
  • 4-Steps to Reclaiming Your Power
Module 7

Crafting Your Plan

Module Description: Human beings are creatures of habit. The things we repeat over and over often go unquestioned and unanalyzed as we grow.

Module Highlights:

You'll take a close look at how you spend your time in the morning and evening.

  • 4 Routines Critical to Your Success - learn how to create habits and rituals that support you in every aspect of your life
  • Your Routines - analyze your current routines against your future self
  • Craft Your Plan - devise a plan for your morning, workday startup, workday shutdown, and evening routines that support you and your future goals and dreams.

Wow... Module #6 really took this to another level! I believe you have given me the tools to now make a real difference in my life. This course provided the tools to overcome and take my power back. This is very inspiring and motivating. I look forward to the days ahead as I begin to live more in charge of my life and my future. Thank you!!

- Annette Steigler, Sr. Project Manager

I was overwhelmingly surprised at the kinds of teachings and progress I have made because of Traci's coaching. Her methods are not only rich in science and development, but practical in application and impact.  I feel confident and empowered to create the limitless possibilities that I have before me. If you want to have the success and breakthroughs that transcend all aspects of your life, then I would recommend Traci, who makes a profound difference that is beyond compare!

- Danny Nguyen, Photographer

The Mindworx program is awesome! It's a whole lot of science boiled down to practical application. The foundational keys provide building blocks to help you understand the world around you, how to better understand yourself, and how to use this knowledge to your advantage.The program is exceptionally well structured and Traci's delivery is second to none. The Mindworx program has given me the confidence and tools to understand who I am, and where I want to be. If you want to be truly inspired, and become the best you can be, this is the program for you. It is definitely life changing.

- Mark Dettl, Enterprise Proj. Mgr.

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

This course has provided great value to thousands of leaders just like you. 

However, we know that this course isn't for everyone so we offer you a 14-day money-back guarantee.

In order to invoke this refund policy, you agree that you will complete and submit the work in the first 2 modules within 14 days. 

Within these 2 weeks, you should be clear on your motivation for taking this course. You will start to experience the clarity that comes from setting intentions and learning how to clear your mind.

If you attend or watch the recordings of the first 2 sessions within 14 days and submit your homework for those modules but feel the course isn't for you, you can simply email us at [email protected] or contact us at 832.886.6452 for a full refund.

What successful students have asked...

I can’t wait for you to join Mindworx

I created this course because after 30 years of struggling with low self-esteem, imposter syndrome, and being terrified of public speaking. By learning and applying the principles that you will learn in this course, I was able to shift my thinking and then everything else in my life shifted as well. 

I have been teaching these principles for almost 15 years and have hundreds and hundreds of testimonials from leaders just like you that this works! Many have said that they wished they had learned this earlier in their careers... others have asked me to teach it to their bosses, team members, and yes, even their spouses. 😉

When you can break free from the thinking habits that have been holding you back, you will start to recognize the potential that others have seen in you all along. You will start to find fulfillment and energy in your work, relationships, and community.

If you know that you desire to be a leader, and you want to become better as a self-leader so you can become more authentic, trustworthy, and courageous, you are in the right place! This course was designed especially for you.

Remember this opportunity is risk free. You have 14 days to try it out as we set the stage for you.

It's time to stop playing small and become the leader that you know you were created to be.

I believe in you!

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